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Website Design Methodology

We believe that when it comes to an online business presence, nothing is more effective than a clean web site that catches the eye and keeps your attention with it’s simplicity of use. Take a look at our Portfolio to see what we mean.

That’s the sort of website design we specialise in. All our websites are bespoke, tailored to suit your needs and SEO optimised, at prices which you will find astonishingly affordable compared to our competition. Pricing is from a mind bogglingly low £199 for a fully bespoke website design and build (Most design companies would charge you £1k-£4k for a site identical, if not worse, to what we can produce).

We think that all businesses should have the best web presence possible, so we always look at the bigger picture to make sure your site stands out, through it’s design, usability and it’s ability to rank well in Google. What’s more, we’ll make all that happen without breaking the bank. All our websites are built on a (fully customised & tailored WordPress platform) Content Management System so that you can add new pages, change content, post updates and even add a wealth of extra features with ease, when-ever you like! It’s incredibly simple to use, and we’ll show you how to use everything whilst also being on hand to help going forward.

we won’t leave you in the dark once we’ve built your site. Once you’re on board with us, we’ll look after you for life.

If you want us to create a website for you, you can either purchase directly with our clear pricing through website Pic ‘N’ Mix, or we can provide you with a bespoke estimation up front (please contact us for the latter). Please remember, this isn’t some crappy build your own website service we’re offering – we’re offering you our wealth of knowledge and expertise to build you something that your business deserves.

In either case here’s what will happen;

  1. We’ll discuss your requirements (by email, phone or in person if you’d prefer & live in East Anglia). If you haven’t paid for your site already, we can provide an estimated price at this stage.
  2. We’ll show you some examples of what your site could look like to help decide upon a design that you are thrilled with.
  3. We will create a brief detailing your requirements and a wire-frame design which you can review.
  4. If you are happy to proceed, we’ll setup your site on one of our test servers.
  5. You can view your site on our test server in your browser (just like it was live) and we can discuss any changes you want.
  6. If you’re happy we’ll move your site across to your domain (or set you up with one if you don’t have one).
  7. We can host and maintain your site, or if you prefer we can hand over total control to you.
  8. If you haven’t paid us in full up front, you pay us any outstanding balance.

All our websites come with a full content management system and user guide, which allows you to login and make any changes you wish to the site’s pages or content.

Additionally, we won’t leave you in the dark once we’ve built your site. Once you’re on board with us, we’ll look after you for life. If there’s a problem with your website, we’ll help you. If you have a question you can drop us a note on our support email address, which we will provide you with.

You can purchase a website directly from our Pic ‘N’ Mix section here. Alternatively, you can Contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a estimation.


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