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Terms of Service

After checkout we will contact you to collect whatever remaining details we require to complete your order; please allow up to 3 working days during normal office hours for this to occur. If you would like a bespoke estimation for your required services instead, then please get in contact so we can discuss your requirements.

We will always attempt to turn around our services in a timely and efficient manner. If you have a particular time constraint, please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your needs. All our approximate time scales are based on an average example from initial conception, approval by yourself to completion of the work (excluding any monthly recurring packages). We cannot be held accountable for any delay on your part in regard to obtaining information, content or required resources for completion of our work. Any delays or scheduling changes may mean an extended time to complete our work. We cannot be held accountable for any delays or issues outside of our control.

All services offered by Own the Web are based around the WordPress framework. We are happy to look at completing work on non WordPress sites, but please be aware that it may occur additional charges. We will advise you of additional charges before we complete the work.

All services offered by Own the Web are may be withdrawn or altered by Own the Web at any point. We reserve the right to withdraw services and offer you a full refund if we cannot complete the work you have requested or believe that it is outside the scope of the services we are prepared to offer.

Own the Web will do it’s utmost to meet and exceed your expectations for any work carried out. Where we do not, and you have not been provided with a service or access to a service, we may refund your money and retain exclusive rights over the service. This includes website designs and builds.

All licences and intellectual property relating to Own the Web are retained by Own the Web until full settlement of outstanding balances has occurred.

Where work has already been completed and made live across the internet (such as SEO work), but you are dissatisfied, then you will not be eligible to a refund, however we may discuss alternatives such a s reduced charge for your service offering until we can reach or exceed our mutually agreed expectations.

Some services, such as on site photography and on site video are only currently available in the local area of East Anglia, UK. You may be billed for travel expenses depending on your location within the area – we will advise you of this beforehand.

We will do our utmost to remain within our fixed pricing structure, but reserve the right to change the price for any services you have purchased if we deem your requirements outside of the product scope. We will inform you of this prior to billing. If you are dissatisfied with this, then you may request a refund. We also reserve the right to refuse work and offer you a refund if we are unable to work with your website environment, service provider or any other variables involved.

Any purchase through our website does in no way form a binding agreement of work to be completed. Any purchase is an understanding that we will endeavour to carry out any work stated within the approximate time scales we have indicated and to our mutual expectations.


Where we are paid for a given service by deposit, we will undertake the work requested based on the deposit received. Where packages consisting of more than one product are involved, we reserve the right to bill you the individual product full amount as each product of the package is completed and delivered. Where additional work is agreed and deemed necessary by both Own the Web and Customer, which falls outside of the total original cost amount; we reserve the right to charge you an additional deposit to make up the deficit and/or increase the final billable amount.

Under normal circumstances, we will commence work upon receipt of the deposit and charge you the remainder of the balance when we have delivered the work as agreed.

You can find our Privacy policy that forms part of our Tos Here.
You can find our Website Terms of Use that forms part of our Tos Here.

Agency White Labelling ToS

The following information applies to marketing agencies or traders (Agency) who are purchasing/using the white label services of Own The Web (OTW). This page is provided for your information in the event that if it comes to the “nitty gritty”, this is what you can expect from us and likewise, what we expect from you. These terms are put in place to enable us to work efficiently & quickly, whilst delivering 110% on your expectations. It is recommended that you print or retain a copy of this page for your records.

If you have any questions or bespoke requirements, please let us know.

Correct as of 1st May 2014.

1. Estimations

Due to the nature of our work, differences in systems, altering perception of client requests and other circumstances outside of our control, it is often difficult to provide a fixed up front quotation, therefore accurate estimates will be provided by OTW for any work the Agency requests in GBP Sterling. These estimates are made based on the requirements, information and materials made available at the time. Any variations to the work requested may incur additional charges or require the need to issue a new estimate. The accuracy of an estimate will be determined by the amount of information available at the beginning of a work request or project. OTW will do it’s absolute best to stay true to any estimate given (see section 4).

Estimates are not binding quotes and may be varied or altered with discretion by OTW. If additional work is required that is deemed out of scope of the originally stated requirements, then the original estimate will become void and a new estimate can be issued by OTW or requested by the Agency. All original requirements will be listed on the estimate. If the Agency notes any discrepancies with their requests and the listed inventory on the estimate, it is up to the Agency to raise the discrepancy with OTW, so a new estimate can be issued. If a new estimate is required or it becomes apparent that an estimate cannot be adhered to, OTW will inform and liase with the Agency at the soonest opportunity.

Note: All applicable agency discounts will be included and listed within your estimate. All charges and discounts will also be listed on your invoice. Estimates include any applicable taxes and VAT where relevant and possible. However, where unforeseen events arise, additional taxes may apply at the time of invoicing.

2. Working Methods

OTW operate a system of working to minimise communication errors, keep costs down for the Agency and to speed up progress of any work requested by the Agency. These methods will be outlined by OTW to the agency and can include;

  • Procedures for initiating work or projects
  • Procedures for submitting revisions or amendments to work requests
  • Procedures for finalising and signing off work or projects

OTW will do it’s utmost to accommodate the needs of and processes of any given Agency, however where an Agency does not follow the procedures outlined by OTW, OTW will not be held responsible for late work delivery, errors caused by the process or disagreements due to work expectations outside of OTW’s control.

3. Deadlines

Any deadline requests for a piece of work or project must be mutually agreed by OTW and the Agency beforehand. Any variations to the work or project after this confirmation may result in an agreed deadline being void, although OTW will advise this on an individual basis and do their best to meet requests. Deadlines can usually only be agreed if all the source material is made available to complete a project beforehand, or if the source material is known.

3.1 Updates

OTW will provide updates to the Agency on a regular weekly basis regarding the progress of a work request or project. If more frequent updates are required, the Agency may make further requests where required.

4. Work Variations or Additional Content/Materials

Where a variation is required to the requested work or new content/materials are made available, a variation document must be issued advising on the change and the exact requirements of the Agency or end client. If applicable, a new estimate may then be issued to the Agency to reflect these changes.

5. White Labelling

OTW will do their absolute utmost to ensure that all work implemented is White Labelled and devoid of references to OTW or it’s associated companies. OTW are able to liase with clients or external partners on behalf of the Agency provided this has been agreed beforehand, and pose as a representative of the Agency where required. If not originally supplied in the estimate, additional costs may be incurred relative to the time required for this representation.

6. Project Completion

A project is deemed complete when OTW have fulfilled all mutually agreed requirements set out by the Agency. OTW will issue a completion report which may be signed online by the Agency. Any additional work after this point may be chargeable by OTW.

7. Invoicing

Where a pre-arranged payment plan has not been setup or agreed. OTW reserve the right to charge for a portion or all of the work any any point during the duration of a project’s (work) progression. Where this is requested, it will usually be relative to the amount of work that has been completed by OTW in reference to the total cost.

Final quotes and invoice amounts may vary from original estimates.

Additional costs, outside of a given quote or estimation will be charged to the Agency.

Please note, when working within a mutually agreed hourly rate, there is a minimum 1 hour charge period for any requested item of work.

8. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights remain bound to OTW indefinitely. These rights relate to any development methods provided by OTW and it’s implementation, any design elements originated and created by OTW, image assets provided by OTW or any elements that were not provided by the Agency or Client. OTW reserves the right to retain ownership and outright control of all work and materials produced until payment has been settled and a given project (work) has been mutually signed by both the Agency and OTW to signify completion of the work requested.

OTW provide white labelled documents, materials or guides to enable easy and seamless communication with all involved parties. These materials remain the intellectual property of OTW, except where they have been explicitly created for the Agency, and this intention has been stated.

9. Licensing

Any licensing costs including software or framework licensing costs, image licencing costs or additional hosting related costs, may be chargeable to the Agency. These costs will be included in the invoice for the relevant item of work or project. OTW will provide these costs in any estimate where known at the time. Any licencing rights remain the property of OTW unless a licence has been purchased specifically for the Agency, or on behalf of the end client.

10. External Services

Where OTW is required to work with services other than those provided by OTW, such as hosting, external website integrations or legacy systems. Then additional costs may be incurred, which will be billable to the Agency. Due to the nature of services and systems outside of our control it is not always possible to provide an accurate estimation for integration.

10.1 OTW will not be held responsible for complications arising from the use of external services or systems. It is recommended that you use hosting and associated services provided by OTW. If external systems or integrations are required, it is recommended that you allow OTW to validate these systems before proceeding. This may incur an additional charge.

11. End Client Agreements

OTW will do it’s best to resolve any issues and disputes that arise from the work implemented or produced by OTW to ensure that both the Agency and end client are totally satisfied.

It is strongly advised that the Agency create their own contracts with end users when selling products such as SEO and web development. As OTW will not be held responsible for any disagreements or issues raised between the end client and the Agency. Any disagreements need to be raised by the Agency with OTW.

Any agreements and contracts for services or products are binding between OTW and the Agency. No agreements or contracts are drawn between OTW and the end client. It is the duty of the Agency to form their own agreements or contracts with the end client. Any disputes or fall outs between the Agency and end Client do not effect any agreements or contracts made between OTW and the Agency.

The Agency retains the right to pursue any contracted rights made between OTW and the Agency. Where there is no contract or binding agreement made between OTW and the Agency, OTW have no obligation to the Agency. OTW have no direct obligation to clients or customers of the Agency.


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