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ho·lis·tic (h-lstk)
1. Of or relating to holism.
a. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
b. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts

The only SEO plans which we offer are Holistic plans, and for good reason. SEO is a fine art, especially in recent times. Google’s algorithms have become increasingly advanced, and any sniff of a manufactured Search Engine Optimisation tactic can mean your site ends up in the Google sandbox – i.e. it stops ranking in Google.

You see the premise of search engines such as Google, is to rank sites which appear to be the best fit for whatever a user is searching for. Their very business is based around serving up the most appropriate search results for a searcher. So you might ask how Google knows what to rank; it uses a combination of crawl bots and algorithms with search your website and then determine where it should be placed in the search listings respectively. As an example, if your site contained the text “Offering dog grooming in Norwich” and someone was searching for “dog grooming in Norwich”, the search engine may pick up on this correlation and display that page of your site to the searcher. But (and this is a big BUT), there are many other factors which affect how well your site will rank, and whether a search engine will trust your website (after all, the web is filled with lots of garbage – and if Google gave this to searchers every time, then their business model would quickly collapse).

Some of these factors include;

  • How well written and structured your website’s pages are
  • Whether you have appropriately described images on your pages
  • How many other credible and relevant websites link to your own
  • Who you link out to from your website
  • How many visitors land on your page and stay vs. how many exit back to the search results (this is called a bounce rate)
  • How many mentions or links you are receiving through social media sites
  • How fast your website is
  • Whether your website is bespoke or just a quick template site (this is one of the areas sites built on platforms such as Wix, fall down on)
  • How fresh your content is
  • How often your website content is updated
  • and so on and so forth

Search engines such as Google use all of these aspects (and a whole lot more) to determine whether they can trust your site and where it should rank. The better conceived and looking these factors are, the more likely you will be to rank highly in a search engine and open up an absolutely massive pool of new customers (both locally and nationally). A good search engine ranking can literally change your business overnight, from a small player to a huge player.

But, the problem is, a lot of people try to manipulate their search engine rankings through “dodgy tactics” or through spammy methods. They might pay other websites to link to theirs for example, or pay people to promote their site on social media. The problem is, search engines such as Google are getting wise to this and will refuse to rank your site, if the search optimisation doesn’t appear natural. The only way to have a natural search optimisation strategy is to attack all areas of search optimisation – that is why our methods are holistic, and that is why we recommend only using this type of service.

A good search engine ranking can literally change your business overnight, from a small player to a huge player.

Our SEO packages include optimisation on all the points mentioned above, and more, on an ongoing basis. You pay monthly, there’s no contractual tie in, and you are free to leave whenever you wish. Each package offers a varying intensity of optimisation. For brand new sites, I suggest going with a “starter package” and then working up. For more established sites, then it’s really up you, and how fast you want to rank and start opening up new streams of revenue! Each month we will provide you with a detailed report of our progress, along with your website ranking improvements, social impact and traffic improvements – this will be accessible via. an online portal which you will receive access to.

All our SEO methods are bespoke, by hand and tailored for your business. No generic nonsense. Because of this, our methods also often up brand new areas of online marketing as an additional bonus. For example, if we write about your site on a well known blog, relevant to your industry, then this will not only improve your SEO, but it will also open up a doorway of new customers who read that blog and will follow the link to your site.

THIS is how SEO and online marketing should be done, and we’ll be sure to do it 100% right for you.


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