Review Your Current Website’s SEO

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Product Description

If you currently have a website, but you’re spending hours trying to work out why your site isn’t ranking very well in Google; and you’re keen to gain a huge increase in customers through search marketing, then our SEO Review & Report is an essential purchase.

We’ll go through your website, weed out the problems, check your site structure and look at a multitude of areas which could effect your website’s search engine ranking. Once we’ve done this review, by hand, then we’ll put it in a comprehensive report so that you can;

1) Understand how to improve your site’s SEO
2) Understand what is holding your site back
3) Establish a plan of action (which we will outline for you)

We’ll even provide you with our SEO starter guide, so you can really get to grips with the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

This type of report can cost well over £500 from our competitors. So why do we do it so cheap? Simple, we figure that if you like what we do then you might come back to us for more business.

We’ll be honest, up front and give you the advice you need to hear.


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