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If we’ve created a lovely, spangely website for you, but you want the peace of mind that we’re on hand to make any changes which you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, then these service plans are for you.

We offer up to 3 changes per month for a fixed price. That fixed price includes making whatever change you want, within reasonable limits. It means that if you want a new social media button integrated into your site, then we can do that as 1 change. If you want something added in the footer, we can do that as 1 change. But say for example, you wanted us to completely re-write your site… then that’s probably a bit too much to ask, and we’d charge you more.

Changes can include;

  • Design elements
  • Technical updates
  • Structure changes
  • Text or graphic updates
  • Server changes
  • Software installations or updates
  • SSL installations

But, it means that we’ll make up to 3 changes per month, within your service charge. And often we’re happy to put more work in that the value you’re paying. So not only are you getting peace of mind, but provided you use the service, you’re getting great value for money.

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Type Of Maintenance

1 Change/Update pcm, 2 Changes/Updates pcm, 3 Changes/Updates pcm


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