Product Description

A forum is a place where you website visitors can go and post topics, questions, thoughts and updates. Other visitors can then participate in these conversations. This participation may then draw in other visitors to participate, and so on, until you build up a community.

That’s exactly what a forum does. It provides a closed community relevant to your website or business.

As an example, if you ran a hobby war miniatures website, you may want a forum for your visitors to come and discuss their collections, painting techniques, social events, etc. This not only creates a bustling website social area, it can drive business to your site and ultimately bring a new source of traffic.

If you think that your new website could do with a forum, bolt on this package or chat to us if you want to know more about this functionality.

Your forum will be designed to fit in perfectly with your website design and will be designed around the needs of your visitors.


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