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A blog is an area of your website where you can relay your uniqueness. You can convey your brand’s image and what it stands for. A blog allows you to connect and speak to your audience in a way that few businesses know how to do. You can post news updates, special offers, or something completely unique and compelling to your business. If you own a restaurant business, you could post your own style of recipes to bring visitors in, who may then go on to dine at your venue, for example.

I would consider a blog an essential part of a website, of any variety, be it a business, charity, hobby site or online shop. The amount of flexibility offered is amazing. Here are some benefits of a blog or news section;

  • Allows you to connect with your customers in your own voice
  • Allows interaction between you and your customers
  • Provides an outlet to share offers or news updates which can then be shared to social media
  • Is a valuable Search Engine Optimisation tool. Google loves sites which are updated frequently. The more you post, the better your site should rank
  • Gives the impression to your customers that you are on the ball, and passionate about your business. If you had to choose between a business who posted some news 2 days ago and one whose website hadn’t changed for a year, which one would you pick?
  • Provides a place for you to post anything you want

We either offer standard blog package, where we’ll add a blog onto your website, seamlessly and in line with your website style, or we offer a Market Optimised blog where we research your industry and find a focus for your blog. We’ll style your blog towards this focus and provide you with an outline of what posts you should focus on to build traffic and drive new customers (we can even create the content for you). As an example of a market optimised blog:- if you were a garage, you could have a blog focussed on repairs you can do at home on your car. This would then draw website traffic for people who were looking at DIY car repairs. Subsequently some of those new visitors could go on to become brand new customers for you.

We’ll provide you with a user guide for editing and updating your blog, so you can do it whenever you wish…. Select your type of blog and get started today.

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