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Wake Up: Take Control of Your Thoughts & Your Life

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Are you awake right now? I mean, are you fully aware of your surroundings as you read this? Do you have full control over your thoughts? Or is your mind lost in a fog? A misty fog where you’re thinking, but you aren’t really directly into control of your thoughts. As if your thoughts are there, they’re you, but they’re not directly connected to you. They’re not doing what you really want them to do?

If that’s the case, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. You’ve entered the all too familiar world of sleep walking whilst you’re awake. It’s something that most of us do. We drift from social media account to social media account, reading articles, clicking “Like”, flicking on the TV, putting on a channel that we’re familiar with, not deviating off the path, stopping when someone says stop, only going when someone says go. NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE. NOT EXPERIENCING ANYTHING NEW. NOT LIVING. You brain is in a state of perpetual lethargy.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to take control. And it’s not a jarring as it seems. If you find waking up from this dream a painful experience, then you’re going the wrong way. If you find it confusing, more complicated, then you’re still going the wrong way – you’re going deeper into your day dream. You need to go the opposite way, towards freeing yourself of denial, of excess baggage, excess thoughts, towards acceptance and towards letting go. So how can you achieve this?

A great way to snap back to reality (and back to the present moment) in a flash is to take your current thoughts or your current actions (or inaction) as a mediation. Put them on pause and mentally take a step back from it, and actually consider what you’re doing at this very moment. Think it through on a higher level. You might find yourself thinking something like “So, I’m sitting here watching TV, not really enjoying it, with random thoughts about today’s experiences buzzing through my head. I’m just procrastinating for the sake of it, when I could be ploughing through that pile of paperwork – which is the thing I really want to be doing”… it might surprise you, because often you realise that you actually want to do the thing you’ve been putting off or even dreading. When you take a step back and look at your self as a whole, then you detach yourself from your ego – which is the thing trying to trick you into procrastinating. Once you realise this, then you can tackle the real stuff with a positive energy and actually enjoy it.

There are a few stages to help you make this more natural and permanent…


The first thing you need to do is to trust those thoughts buzzing around in your head. The ones you keep ignoring in favour of staying in your sleepy and “safe” world. Reach out, grab them, and participate in them. Make a connection with them and ultimately follow them. Once you start to trust yourself and what you think, then a couple of things happen;

First, you empower yourself, because you’re believing in yourself, you’re instilling confidence in yourself, regardless of whether it feels a little strange, a little wary at first. Follow the good feeling that comes with this and know it to be true. The reason why your inner monologue get’s detached from yourself and why a lot of people find this initial step hard, is because they fear progression, they fear moving on from their little bubble… Your ego tricks you into staying in the comfort (as it likes to do)…. but you need to escape this “ego prison” (as that’s what it is) and embrace that fear. You’ll feel better once you do, and you’ll open up whole new worlds.

Sometimes it’s difficult to trust yourself because society tends to teach us the complete opposite. Society tells us what we can do, what we can’t. How we should act in public, who’s in charge. If you work for someone, then again, your trust is getting pounded every time you try and go against the grain. The key thing is to let go of what anyone else has told you, what anyone else has taught you. This isn’t your true path. You’re simply walking their path. Why should you walk the path of these other people? Why should you break your back trying to realise their dreams instead of yours? Or, even worse, why should you follow them into this day dream nightmare?

Once you start to trust yourself you should find that your inner monologue and your physical self overlap and become one. Rather than two separate entities fighting each other, they will work together. As if your soul and the real you are working in unison. This is the first step towards freedom and control of that freedom… There’s no better feeling than this. Remember you have the power to grab your inner thoughts, your inner monologue and to shape it, to control it. AS you start to gather full trust, you may notice, that you won’t even think with words, you’ll think as a higher experience and just completely trust the feeling of the thoughts you have, rather than thinking them through in your chosen language. This is true trust and true control – and ironically, it’s achieved through letting go of what your ego perceives as “control” entirely.


You also have to accept all these thoughts, rather than trying to block some out. Blocking anything out only amplifies it’s voice. You need to accept them, let them flow freely through your mind, passing from one side to the other. Put up no resistance. This again, might feel strange, as you’ve perhaps been fighting some of these thoughts for a long time. Your ego will convince you that you can’t accept them, that it’s not good for you. In fact the complete opposite is true. You can’t experience the now, the real you, the real world if you keep consuming yourself with blocking these thoughts. Every thought you block is a part of your mind blocked off, and unusable. Open them, free them.

Some thoughts you might want to grab hold of. Do it, grab them and allow them to become an “active thought”, that is something you wish to pursue. This is where you’ll need to trust yourself. You know what you need to do and you must follow it. Ego may again pop up and raise the issue of “Fear”… “that if you follow this thought and it goes wrong then you’ll be left beaten and down”. This is never true, every thing you attempt, even if you fail, it builds you, makes you better and allows you to move forward. Remember, you can only move forward. You cannot move back, no matter what the ego tells you. Moving back is an illusion of your ego. Trying to keep you in that cosy bubble.

As well as accepting your thoughts, you should accept your current feelings and your current situation, rather than mentally trying to change them. The simple fact is you can’t change your situation by thinking about it, and you can only block feelings out for a limited time until they exacerbate. So, accept yourself into your feelings – as if you’re falling into them. Accept yourself into your situation – as if it’s falling into you. Accept them as if you had chosen them. Once you do that then you are in the present and you can really start to make the choices.

Part of accepting is to accept your decisions on these things and keep moving forward; saying No to a particular thought is as valid as saying Yes, as long as you are actively in control. You can change your decision at a later date.

If you find yourself entering the world of self doubt, then that’s your ego trying to claw you back. If that happens though, it’s fine as you can take it as a meditation, then proceed forward – putting yourself back on the straight and narrow. You can also, of course slip back into the bubble if you wish, but remember, the longer you’re there, the longer you’re just an observer rather than a participant of life. But it’s always YOUR CHOICE to break out of this, whenever you choose. You don’t need any pre-qualification or special set of circumstances.

Let Go

Once you have accepted what you need to do, then let go of everything else. Be decisive, pursue your quest. Follow it. Remember, you don’t need to know where it will lead. You don’t even know what any set of actions will lead to. You just need to trust yourself at this given moment, and keep trust yourself as each moment arises. Accept and follow these things until fruition.

Do that and good things will happen. You’ll experience a new you, a connected you and an awake you.

Wake Up

Once you’ve woken up, there’s no going back unless you let yourself. If you do let yourself, you’ll realise the signs of slipping back into into sleep walking. You’ll feel unproductive. You’ll feel like nothing is being accomplished. Like you’re stuck in an eternal rut that you can’t escape from. Just sitting, waiting for the next moment to come.

Don’t fall back into that zombie state. Remember to keep trusting yourself, accepting and letting go of these bad habits. Then you’ll move forward and only forward.

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