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Don’t Use Upcoming Events as Excuses

Categories: Fears & Anxieties - Organisation - Productivity - Simplicity

Do you ever sit there thinking “Hmmmmm, I’ve got to go out in an hour, I’ll leave this important task for another day”….. I certainly do. But whenever I do, I also find myself thinking “What the hell are you talking about?”. Putting things off because of something that is going to happen in the future is absolutely criminal.

Utilising Every Moment

The way to be productive. To get shit done. Is to approach every moment like you’re not in a zombie, day dream state, just waiting for the next “scheduled” event to happen. You need to take charge, you need to take control and you need to act now. Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, do something! Do anything. Do the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t analyse it or try and work out whether it’s an effective use of time, because it’s sure as hell far more effective than doing nothing for the next 5 minutes!

You can Get a Whole lot Done

These moments, in-between scheduled events are usually the most productive moments I have. Because you’ve scheduled nothing in this time, because you’re approaching it with a clear and fresh attitude, you can completely engage with whatever you have thought with for that duration of time. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to finish what you’re doing. Just spending 5 minutes getting started on something (a phrase I use often) that make it a lot lot easier when you go back to it later on. In fact starting it now may massively boost your motivation to complete it when you get your next moment of spare time.

Life is Made up of Time

That’s all it is. It’s not made up of events that you made scheduled in. It’s made up of the time that is passing right now. That time is no different to the time that will occur when you’ve arranged to go for a meal or you need to pick the kids up from school. All moments of time should be approached with a clear, unbiased and unassuming view, that way you can tackle that moment in the best way possible. Provide all your attention to whatever task you are currently doing. Don’t worry about what you’re doing next, or what you’re doing later that day – you’ll get to that in due time – just focus on your current task, and before you know it, you’ve been mighty productive in a block of time you may have otherwise discarded as “redundant time”. No time is redundant, it is your time.

Put a Higher Value on Your Time

As soon as you begin to value your time, you realise that every moment which passes is hugely valuable. Every minute is your minute and only you can allocate what happens with that unit. Don’t let your time be dictated by others. You are the timelord, you control your time and you must set the standard. Remember that your time is more valuable than anyone else’s, simply because it is yours. Don’t worry about the time of other people, that is their job. Focus on you, your own time and let everything else fall into place.

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About the author: I’m the Founder of Own the Web (aka. Mindful Marketeer), & I’m passionate about helping good causes, local & small businesses grow by bringing clarity to situations. I do this through my work at Own the Web, whilst practising mindfulness & blogging about it here. Other quick facts also include I’m a vegan, an individualist, equality champion & a mindful free thinker. Connect with me on Twitter or Peter Leigh on Google+.

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