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The Problem with Feminism

Categories: Fears & Anxieties

There’s a problem with feminism. Something that bothers me on a daily basis. Something that goes to the very root of society and something that a lot of people don’t immediately see. I for one wish feminism didn’t exist. BUT, before you start sending me notes of hate or death threats. Stop, and listen.

The reason I wish feminism didn’t exist, is because the need for it to be here in the first place upsets the core of my morals. But that’s not because I disagree with it. Oh, no, quite the opposite in fact.

As I see it, feminism exists because a lot of people (and not just men) have pre-conceived ideas for how women should be. Perhaps how they should act. How they should talk. Even how they should dress…. When in reality, all this is utter bull shit. Who the hell set this precedent for how other people should be?! Clearly it’s based on some massively outdated ideas which have somehow transcended through history from much darker, almost pre-historic times. And it irritates me. It irritates me that in 2015, this precedent still exists in various forms and guises throughout the world, and that in fact, is exactly why feminism is here; to set the correct standard that women are (of course) individuals and as such, need to be treated as individuals.

That’s basically all it boils down to. Everyone is an individual and EVERYONE should be treated as an individual. No pre-conceived ideas, No stereotypes and No labelling. At the very heart of it, from my perspective, that is why we have feminism – to remove the labelling, in this instance applied to women. In reality, it’s not much different from labelling anything else, from people of a particular religion or faith to people of different sexual orientations. The labelling is the problem and it needs to be torn down (although lots of people who get scared easily tend to not like these “strong” ideas – they like everything to be labelled and safe, so they know what’s what).

So, that’s why I dislike feminism. I dislike it, because I’m upset that in this day and age we still have the need for a movement that needs to break from the conventions of old, and we have people that in fact still go to lengths to oppose it! I don’t dislike the feminism itself, Oh no, I very strongly agree with it, I’m just disappointed we need it at all, when it should be the overwhelming standard consensus already. Especially when people try and belittle and wield the word like it’s some sort of “quirk” or “fad” that people have or are going through.

So, for now, it’s apparent that we do need it, and it’s also apparent that we have to fight the individuals who choose to oppose it.

I actually wrote this quick post off the back of a post on the Feminism on Facebook group, relating to an article entitled “What I’ve Learned as the Husband of (Gasp!) a Feminist”… And it was that title which annoyed me. The fact that being a husband of a feminist is worthy of an article headline (including a gasp!), just doesn’t sit right with me…. an article with the title “What I’ve Learned as the Husband of a women who doesn’t respect her individuality” would probably make more sense to me. And although I applaud the views that this gentleman has come to accept and the fact that his article may help expand the minds of some, I still find it discouraging that he’s coming from the perspective of being a “husband of a (Gasp!) feminist” rather than simply accepting that deep down, we simply all need to be feminists.

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About the author: I’m the Founder of Own the Web (aka. Mindful Marketeer), & I’m passionate about helping good causes, local & small businesses grow by bringing clarity to situations. I do this through my work at Own the Web, whilst practising mindfulness & blogging about it here. Other quick facts also include I’m a vegan, an individualist, equality champion & a mindful free thinker. Connect with me on Twitter or Peter Leigh on Google+.

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