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The Mindful Entrepreneur


How to Discover What to Do with Your Life – It’s Not About The Money

Despite what we're often told. What we have drilled into us by parents, teachers, the government and the media, money should never, ever be for main driver for doing anything. If it is, then you'll either fail or just end up hating what you're doing. Neither of those things is worthy of your life. YOU […] Read More...

Imagining Ahead is Like Shooting Yourself in the Face – The Doubt Problem

How often have you put off a task, an errand or something positive in your life, simply because you've envisaged it, and it; Seemed too difficult Felt like it was going to take way too much time Didn't go according to plan Well, that's your imagination for you, and it can play utterly, utterly filthy […] Read More...

500 Words per day Revelation; Make a Committment

So a few days a go I kicked off the 500 words per day challenge. The premise here is very simple; Write 500 words per day Don't worry about editing just write This post, actually forms part of this challenge. The thing is, since kicking off this challenge, writing has just seemed a whole lot […] Read More...

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