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The Mindful Entrepreneur

todo list

The Stop Doing List & Unmade Decisions

I feel it's a wholly appropriate time to give myself a stop doing list. You see, I've found my myself recently repeating some tasks over and over. Tasks which are neither productive, beneficial or even appealing. But I keep doing them. As an example, I often buy things on eBay for my Nostalgia site. BUT […] Read More...

Do it There and Then

We're always putting things off till later (I definitely do), no matter if the task takes 10 seconds or a few hours, we just tend to think "I'll leave that for now and do it later".... The problem with doing this is that; These "things" build up in your mind's to-do list, whether consciously or […] Read More...

The Temporary ToDo List

I'm going slightly against one of my main principles here....... not to use to-do lists. Actually it's a direct violation of the principle, because that's exactly what I'm going to tell you do to.... But (and this is important) only in certain situations, where you need to restore order and just get shit done. The […] Read More...

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