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The Mindful Entrepreneur


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How to Live Life to the Full – Achieving Clarity & Control with one Word

I'm going to write about what I'm today referring to as "The Clear Mind Process". It's about gaining absolute clarity, absolute control and absolute focus on what you're currently facing, and indeed discarding things that you are not currently facing - even though you may perceive that you are. During the course of the day, […] Read More...


The One Trick to Clearing Your Mind and Being in the Present

One of the main reasons for taking up mindfulness is to calm your thoughts, to create clarity and to understand and comprehend exactly what you need and desire to do. One of the main reasons why people believe that mindfulness isn't suited for them is because they can't calm their thoughts, create clarity and therefore […] Read More...


Wake Up: Take Control of Your Thoughts & Your Life

Are you awake right now? I mean, are you fully aware of your surroundings as you read this? Do you have full control over your thoughts? Or is your mind lost in a fog? A misty fog where you're thinking, but you aren't really directly into control of your thoughts. As if your thoughts are […] Read More...


Your Thoughts are Like Waves & You’re on a Boat

Picture this, you're in a boat out in the middle of a vast ocean. You have oars, which you can choose to use to dictate your direction, but at the moment, your just floating around on the water. Try to imagine that your thoughts are the waves bobbing around the boat - we'll call this […] Read More...


Don’t Fill Your Thoughts With “Must Dos”

It's easy to put stress & strain on yourself. I often find myself thinking "I must do this and that later". All these thoughts build up in my mind and cause unnecessary stress. Ultimately they make the jobs that "I must do" seem like a chore, rather than what could actually be an enjoyable and […] Read More...