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The Mindful Entrepreneur


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How to Live Life to the Full – Achieving Clarity & Control with one Word

I'm going to write about what I'm today referring to as "The Clear Mind Process". It's about gaining absolute clarity, absolute control and absolute focus on what you're currently facing, and indeed discarding things that you are not currently facing - even though you may perceive that you are. During the course of the day, […] Read More...

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Let Go & Realise What you Need to do – Don’t Force Tasks Upon Yourself

This morning I dropped the kids off at school, like I normally do, but for the first time in many months I don't need to pick them up after school. Today, instead, that job is falling to their Grandma, because they're going to their Mums for the night. Now, normally I look after my children […] Read More...

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Dealing with Fears & Anxieties

When it comes to Fear & Anxiety, what you see in the future, is ultimately a fear and what you've experienced in the past can fester as an anxiety. You need to tackle these, but denial or blocking it out should play no part in this process. Future fears are usually brought upon us due […] Read More...


Too Many Minds – Sapping Your Productivity & Creativity

Something happens when you try and think of behalf of people. When you try and imagine what they're thinking about you. What you think they expect of you. You begin to get stressed. Now, I'm not talking about empathy here. Empathy is important and necessary. I'm talking about a scenario like this; You've got a […] Read More...

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Dealing With a Mountain of Work

Let's set the scene. You've got an almighty, skyscraper sized, stack of work to go through, but you're not really feeling the love. As it stands, this unreasonably sized pile of work is your enemy. It's causing you stress, it's constantly at the back of your mind (and probably the front), but you don't really […] Read More...


Don’t Fill Your Thoughts With “Must Dos”

It's easy to put stress & strain on yourself. I often find myself thinking "I must do this and that later". All these thoughts build up in my mind and cause unnecessary stress. Ultimately they make the jobs that "I must do" seem like a chore, rather than what could actually be an enjoyable and […] Read More...


The Temporary ToDo List

I'm going slightly against one of my main principles here....... not to use to-do lists. Actually it's a direct violation of the principle, because that's exactly what I'm going to tell you do to.... But (and this is important) only in certain situations, where you need to restore order and just get shit done. The […] Read More...

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Banish Your Negative (Lizard) Voice… It’s Holding You Back

Do you ever settle down for work and have thoughts such as; "It's too late for work now, just leave it until tomorrow" "Just watch a bit of television first" "Before doing anything, I should probably grab a coffee" "I'd better not do this as Charlie wouldn't approve" That my friend, is your "Lizard Voice" […] Read More...

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Eliminate Stress & Confusion with 3 Words

If you're the sort of person that easily labels certain types of advice as nonsense, put that part of your personality aside for a second and read this... it works. These are probably the three most important words that I can provide you with; Relax, Now, Decide These three words will help you overcome confusion, […] Read More...