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Do What you Fear – Embrace the Challenge

It's often the case that what we don't want to do (because we fear it), is exactly what we need to do. Identifying the things that we really actually want to do, but fear is making us put on hold is critical, because putting it off can only make the situation worse. It raises anxieties, […] Read More...

500 Words per day Revelation; Make a Committment

So a few days a go I kicked off the 500 words per day challenge. The premise here is very simple; Write 500 words per day Don't worry about editing just write This post, actually forms part of this challenge. The thing is, since kicking off this challenge, writing has just seemed a whole lot […] Read More...

Too Many Minds – Sapping Your Productivity & Creativity

Something happens when you try and think of behalf of people. When you try and imagine what they're thinking about you. What you think they expect of you. You begin to get stressed. Now, I'm not talking about empathy here. Empathy is important and necessary. I'm talking about a scenario like this; You've got a […] Read More...

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