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The Mindful Entrepreneur



Boost Your Productivity – The Practical Alternative to a Standing Desk… Scrap Your Chair & Get on your Knees!

That's right, you heard me. That chair you're sitting on is holding you back. It's making you less productive and it's probably causing bad posture. I might sound like I'm talking utter madness here (I'll leave that for you to decide), but even studies (albeit tenuous studies - but that doesn't make them invalid) have […] Read More...

young woman drowning in a mountain of papers

Dealing With a Mountain of Work

Let's set the scene. You've got an almighty, skyscraper sized, stack of work to go through, but you're not really feeling the love. As it stands, this unreasonably sized pile of work is your enemy. It's causing you stress, it's constantly at the back of your mind (and probably the front), but you don't really […] Read More...

Stop Procrastinating & Just Get Started

Do you ever start the day fresh, full of high hopes and knowing exactly that you need to get done. But then as the day goes on slowly, but surely, you find that you're not actually getting any of the work done that you need to, because you're doing other little things, and ultimately putting off […] Read More...


Is Not Making Decisions Holding You Back?

Making decisions is one of the biggest stress inducers in modern life and decision fatigue is now a well recognised problem. As you make more and more decisions throughout the day (or in a given continuous stretch of time) the quality of your decisions is said to deteriorate, and in some cases to quite a […] Read More...