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The Mindful Entrepreneur


Feeling Disconnected? How to Get Past Energy Sapping Tasks

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. One moment, one day, we think we have a plan; maybe a week plan, maybe even a life plan, then you wake up the next day and think "Really? I don't actually feel enthusiasm to do that"... you disconnect from your plan, your tasks. Even the […] Read More...

The Stop Doing List & Unmade Decisions

I feel it's a wholly appropriate time to give myself a stop doing list. You see, I've found my myself recently repeating some tasks over and over. Tasks which are neither productive, beneficial or even appealing. But I keep doing them. As an example, I often buy things on eBay for my Nostalgia site. BUT […] Read More...

Is Not Making Decisions Holding You Back?

Making decisions is one of the biggest stress inducers in modern life and decision fatigue is now a well recognised problem. As you make more and more decisions throughout the day (or in a given continuous stretch of time) the quality of your decisions is said to deteriorate, and in some cases to quite a […] Read More...

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