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The Mindful Entrepreneur



Feeling Anxious About Work but Going Nowhere – Have a Comms Free Day

I occasionally find myself in the situation where I have a mountain of outstanding work to do, but also in the position where I'm just not getting it done. In fact, a lot of the time, I'm not even tackling it. Instead I find myself procrastinating.. this procrastination comes in many forms. Sometimes it involves […] Read More...

Do it There and Then

We're always putting things off till later (I definitely do), no matter if the task takes 10 seconds or a few hours, we just tend to think "I'll leave that for now and do it later".... The problem with doing this is that; These "things" build up in your mind's to-do list, whether consciously or […] Read More...


How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

If you’re anything like me when it comes to online business, you’ve got at least 10 different email addresses. You might have a few personal accounts you use for different things, or a variety of websites, each with their own contact@domain.tld address. If you’ve got a more complicated website, you’ll probably have various email addresses […] Read More...


Get rid of Your Todo List NOW and Liberate Your Mind

Do you ever sit and your desk and not know what to do, or even worse, you now what you "should" be doing but can't bare to face it. If you're using a so called To Do List, then your problems may well be stemming from that. Take this blog for example... I haven't posted […] Read More...