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Do What you Fear – Embrace the Challenge

Categories: Fears & Anxieties - Productivity - Simplicity

It’s often the case that what we don’t want to do (because we fear it), is exactly what we need to do. Identifying the things that we really actually want to do, but fear is making us put on hold is critical, because putting it off can only make the situation worse. It raises anxieties, it pushes self doubt into your mind and ultimately, you don’t progress yourself. Instead, if we simply dive into these challenges without analysing what could happen in our imagination, then we can tackle them (because it’s always easier than it seems) and be in a whole better position all round afterwards.

Accept the Challenge

When you start recognising everything you don’t want to do as a challenge, rather than shying away from it, then you step up into a positive state of mind. You empower yourself. You believe in yourself. When you’re rejecting this and that, because you don’t want to do it, then you’re usually telling yourself that you can’t do it – whether you realise it or not. When you start accepting what comes your way as a challenge and thinking “Yeah, I can do this, I’m going to enjoy doing it”, then you’ve instantly instilled confidence in yourself, and you are the most important person who can do that.

Doing the Challenge

Just Getting Started is key here. The most powerful thing for motivation in a given task is to just dive into it and get started. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Nearly every time you do this, you’ll realise that the task is a lot easier to manage than your mind lead you to believe (trust me it can be an utter bastard). All you need to do once you’ve accepted the challenge, is to simply and casually walk into it, with no expectations. But you need to keep walking into it and you need to do it. You might encounter obstacles on the way that make you think twice. Unless it’s something drastic that absolutely stops you from completing the challenge (and I’m talking about your leg literally falling off) then keep going. Remember that the only person you are doing it for, is yourself. Other’s don’t really matter. You don’t need to impress others, you don’t need others to understand you and you don’t need their acceptance. If you push aside all this fear and keep going, and embrace your challenge, then you will have conquered yourself, which is the most important thing you can do.


Each time you conquer another challenge, you will feel freer and gain more confidence as you move into the next. Soon it will become second nature and you’ll wonder why you ever approached any task with a feeling of anxiety or put tasks off in the first place. The only way to deal with a problem is to accept it and overcome it. If you ever feel your state of mind slipping back into cowering away, or putting things off, then relax, let go of everything, remember you are exactly as you need to be, and remember that everything is a challenge. Life isn’t for avoiding things, it’s for tackling things, for enjoying things and for overcoming things. Do that, and you will succeed.

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About the author: I’m the Founder of Own the Web (aka. Mindful Marketeer), & I’m passionate about helping good causes, local & small businesses grow by bringing clarity to situations. I do this through my work at Own the Web, whilst practising mindfulness & blogging about it here. Other quick facts also include I’m a vegan, an individualist, equality champion & a mindful free thinker. Connect with me on Twitter or Peter Leigh on Google+.

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