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How to Live Life to the Full – Achieving Clarity & Control with one Word

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I’m going to write about what I’m today referring to as “The Clear Mind Process”. It’s about gaining absolute clarity, absolute control and absolute focus on what you’re currently facing, and indeed discarding things that you are not currently facing – even though you may perceive that you are.

During the course of the day, the week, the year, even our entire lives. Thoughts can get lodged in us. They can linger in the mind and no matter what you do, they keep rearing their head. They keep coming back. Each time these recurring thoughts come back, they inject a little bit of stress into your day, they cloud your vision of the present moment and they seem to be there for a number of reasons. Sometimes they pop up for no apparent reason, but cause you unnecessary stress none the less. Sometimes a thought relating to some outstanding tasks pops up, and again you get unnecessary stress. Sometimes it’s conversation you had earlier in the week, it’s cycling round your mind, but you don’t like it – the out come? Stress.

All these thoughts cause you stress, and you usually get accompanying feelings. Sometimes of guilt, sometimes of apprehension, and sometimes of fear.

All these thoughts and feelings have one thing in common, whether you realise it or not; to relieve the stress, you’re doing the thing that comes naturally in your “Fight or Flight” instincts. You’re running from it. You’re blocking it out so that you can continue with whatever you were doing or whatever you were enjoying – usually procrastination if you’re fully honest with yourself. Because, ultimately that’s what procrastination is; a means to escape your perceived reality. And therein lies one of the crucial words:- “perceived”.

A False Perception

You see, whatever you think in your head. It’s not actually real. It’s purely a fabrication in your mind. It’s usually a fabrication of the worst case scenario. Of total disaster. Some things in your mind might seem akin to a nuclear war starting in your front garden, and if you think about that for a few minutes, you’ll probably realise what a load of shash it actually is.

Take this other fact; the world around us, is essentially an illusion as well. Society is a system designed by the elite to keep workers under control, and in line. Your brain feels like it’s in a cage, because your reality is YOU ARE in a cage. You’re in a society, a culture, where you have to work your nuts off to earn something that doesn’t even exist, except in a essentially worthless paper form… MONEY. We spend countless hours worrying about money, about whether we have enough, about what we are going to spend it on… when it comes down to it, the only thing with value is resource, and a piece of paper with the Queen’s head on it, is not a useful resource. So, ultimately, your mind is confined to a jail, because you are confined to a jail, and you’ve been conditioned to this your entire life, from school to where you are now.

So, it’s time to break out of this ongoing illusion of disaster. It’s time to take control of your life and make things work for you. It’s time to stop being scared of your thoughts, of what “society” might do to you. You have the control, the power to do exactly as you need to. You just need to accept it.


This is the most important word I ever use (and I use it often), and the word I’m referring to in the title… “Acceptance”. Because once you accept what I’m writing here, and what you’re thinking – Once you accept that you are blocking thoughts out because you perceive them to be many times worse than they actually are, then you can begin to accept them. Once you do this, you switch from conditioned passive thinking to active participation of your thoughts and ultimately, control of your fate – which you should never be scared of, because ultimately you are far more powerful than you may imagine, and will always, always do what is best for yourself.

Take this scenario;

You’re sitting in your front room, concerning yourself with the fact that you might not have enough money to pay your bills this month. Because of this, you’re putting hours of time into worry, you’re not looking after yourself properly and you’re not enjoying this current point in your life. You’re hoping for better times and you’re wishing you could put this part of your life behind you.

WAIT. Now, let’s dissect this scenario and see all the problems within;

So, you’re worried about a lack of money, but rather than doing something to try and combat it – you’re sitting and you’re worrying. Try and look at this from a higher perspective and observe it, until you see the reality of it. By sitting and worrying, you are wasting time and energy.

The next part is that you’re not looking after yourself properly. So not only are you wasting your energy by worrying, but you’re not giving yourself the energy you need because you’re not looking after yourself.

The final part is that you’re not enjoying your life. Which is fundamentally, the most disdaining part of this situation. YOU are not enjoying YOUR life, because some elite members of this hierarchical society have dictated that you have to earn money to pay the fat cats to sit on their back sides day after day. YOU are sacrificing your enjoyment of every moment of your life (which doesn’t last for long), to pander the needs of some arsehole who you’ve never even met, and are most likely just that; an arsehole.

Unfortunately, that’s the society and system we find ourselves in. But, we can take control and start to enjoy life again by ACCEPTANCE.

The first step (and the only step, if I’m totally honest), is to accept all the thoughts that come to you. Don’t fear them. Enable them to flow through you. Enable the feelings the come to you, and then once they are there; take them one at a time and observe them. Consider them. Ponder them from a higher viewpoint, until you have control of that thought. You see by denying thoughts and feelings to ourselves, we completely lose control of that aspect of our lives. But once you open up yourself to it and bring it on board, then straight away we are beginning to gain control. We can start to realise, that it’s not actually a problem as big as you had led yourself to believe, and what’s better you can set out a plan of action. It may feel weird to start with, but that’s the fear and uncertainty in you which needs to flood out and through you, so that you can grab it and manipulate it.

Decide or Let Go

So, ACCEPT whatever flows into your mind. Feel any associated feeling and try and interpret what it means… What that feeling really says to you. Not necessarily in words, sometimes just in a sense of intuition.

Once you’ve done that, you can either make decision on the thought and feeling; such as “I’ll do this, this and this, later tonight” or if you decide that it’s unnecessary. You can let it go into the ether. Trust your feelings on this. Have faith in your decisions and believe in yourself.

Once you’ve done one of those two things, which will incidentally come automatically to you if you let them. Once you’ve accepted the thought; then you can move onto the next thought and feeling, and continue in this vain until your mind is clear and you have reached clarity. Then the real work can begin and you can take control by putting thought into realisation, and ultimately ENJOYMENT!

Extending Beyond Thought

For me, this is the standard process of life and you can apply it anywhere and for any thing. For example if someone says something to you, and you don’t like it. Then your natural instinct may be to try and block it out again. To try and deny acceptance of something you’ve heard into your brain (clearly this makes no sense – it’s already there, you’re just not acknowledging it)…. This can bring an onset of emotions such as anger and hate immediately towards that person or the situation – that’s why most people get angry when someone says something rude (or which doesn’t agree with the fragile and frankly useless ego we all have). But it’s also why a select few, do not get angry and do not react in an uncontrolled manner. Those select few, simply accept what the other person has said to them on face value. Once that has happened, they have total control of it, and can simply then decide what to do with it;

1) Dismiss it, because they don’t agree with it – Remember, it is not your truth, it is theirs, and what most people (sheep) think is a load of nonsense.
2) Counter it
3) Realise that actually, in some way, they do agree with it, and can therefore make a change to themselves.

This is total control. Total acceptance = total control. You can’t control anything external to you, don’t attempt to. But you can sure as hell control yourself. Once you master that through a continuous flow of acceptance, then you find that you don’t desire to control external things, as good things will naturally occur.

It will also seem to be the most natural thing in the world – it actually doesn’t take any effort to do (you just need to let go), and what you’ll soon notice does take the effort (and sap energy) is the blocking processes you had engrained within yourself.

And because you’ll be in the present moment, you’ll be released of stress and you’ll be living life & enjoying life – however you want to live it, and to the fullest.

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About the author: I’m the Founder of Own the Web (aka. Mindful Marketeer), & I’m passionate about helping good causes, local & small businesses grow by bringing clarity to situations. I do this through my work at Own the Web, whilst practising mindfulness & blogging about it here. Other quick facts also include I’m a vegan, an individualist, equality champion & a mindful free thinker. Connect with me on Twitter or Peter Leigh on Google+.

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