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The Mindful Entrepreneur

Mesh with your Mind

Feeling Disconnected? How to Get Past Energy Sapping Tasks

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. One moment, one day, we think we have a plan; maybe a week plan, maybe even a life plan, then you wake up the next day and think "Really? I don't actually feel enthusiasm to do that"... you disconnect from your plan, your tasks. Even the […] Read More...

How to Discover What to Do with Your Life – It’s Not About The Money

Despite what we're often told. What we have drilled into us by parents, teachers, the government and the media, money should never, ever be for main driver for doing anything. If it is, then you'll either fail or just end up hating what you're doing. Neither of those things is worthy of your life. YOU […] Read More...

Cake shop owner

Mesh with your Mind: 3 Ways to Attain Your Dreams

This may well be one of the most important posts I have written. Because it gets to the very core of how you live and how much you can accomplish, and it's something which certainly rings true for myself. There are 3 things which impact not only your productivity & how successful you are, but […] Read More...

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