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Annoying Reasons To Like, Comment or Share a Post On Facebook

Quotes Social Media is a key part of any marketing strategy, and it works best when it’s done well; however there are methods which although can get some good social media activity, can also be really quite annoying. Here, our content artist Shelly, shares some of her views on how some people & organisations go about maximising their reach…. Don’t go getting ideas :-)!
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I’m getting grumpier, I’m sure of it.  One of the things that fuels my grumpiness most (apart from people without children parking in parent and child spaces and finding out the milk’s gone off after you’ve poured it into your tea) are the pictures and stories that people like and share on Facebook.  More specifically, the daft reasons these posts give to try to get people to like, share or comment on them.  I’ve made a note of some of the more ridiculous ones I’ve come across recently while browsing Facebook.

Do I Love My Kids?

These are saccharine sweet picture quotes, the most recent of which I’ve seen says “My children are a blessing and make life worth living – ‘like’ if you agree.”  There are endless variations involving siblings, parents, cousins etc so there’s something for everyone!  But I’m not going to like a syrupy sweet post on Facebook just to let people know that I love my kids.  I really couldn’t give a monkeys if half my Facebook friends list aren’t sure if I actually love my kids or not because I haven’t liked a post that says I do.  All that matters is that my kids know and as they’re too young to use Facebook it doesn’t make much difference.

Because I don’t want people to think I’m horrible!

There’s a picture of a girl with a skin condition.  The text says that she’s been bullied her whole life because of this skin condition.  It says you should ‘like’ to show your support for this girl or ignore if you would bully her too.  I have so many issues with this post but firstly, why is from a page called Funny FB?  It hardly seems the most genuine source of support.  In fact, the cynic in me would be inclined to believe that this post had far more to do with generating likes than showing support for this girl.  That’s just the cynic in me.  Also, I don’t mind people asking you to like or share a photo or post but just be polite.  But “Ignore if you would bully her too”?  What a load of rubbish.  Just because I don’t click like on your photo does not make me pro-bullying!  Looking at the number of likes this photo has (well into the thousands) it makes me wonder how many people were genuinely worried that their friends might think they would bully this girl if they hadn’t liked it.  Now I know that getting someone to ‘like’ a picture that’s not genuine is hardly crime of the century, but there’s something about guilting people into liking a fake picture that annoys me.

Because I am horrible and don’t care!

Another post that I came across is a picture of a girl dressed in skimpy clothing.  The photo has been taken at an unfortunate angle.  The girl is just in the middle of blinking too so it is not a particularly flattering picture.  It is accompanied by the text “Tag someone who would hit this!”  This particularly gets my goat.  I’m not even going to start on the sexist pigishness of the text as I could go on for days.  It’s just a plain horrible way to get likes and shares.  Would anyone actually comment or tag someone in this post?  It seems the answer is yes.  Quite a few people actually.

Aww, poor kids.

There’s a picture of kids holding a cardboard sign saying “Our dad said if we get 1000 likes we can get a dog”.  Do you know what kids?  Your Dad sounds like a right tool.  Is he unable to decide for himself whether or not you should be allowed to get a dog?  Because if he can’t make a decision like that without putting it out to Facebook then he probably shouldn’t have the responsibility of looking after a dog anyway.  And if he shouldn’t be looking after a dog then what do you think that says about his ability to be looking after you, hey kids?  Or is it that the answer is no but he can’t be bothered to say no just yet?  Is this the modern day equivalent of “we’ll see” which was always parent talk for “no”.  That is of course assuming that it’s a genuine photo – or am I being too cynical again?!

And lastly…

The lucky penny.  It is just a picture of a penny that says ‘lucky penny’ on it with the text “Share this lucky penny – you WILL receive good luck and you WILL attract money”.  This was posted a couple of days ago and it’s had 213 shares already.  That means that there are 213 people out there who think that by sharing a picture of a photo shopped coin they are going to get good luck and money?  Wow, I really hope these people don’t have driving licences, – or any other form of responsibility for that matter….(to be fair though, this has earnt a credit link out of it for the poster! ->).
"Lucky" Penny Anyone? It's not even a real [British] penny!.... sourced from LittleImpressionsGifts

“Lucky” Penny Anyone? It’s not even a real [British] penny!…. sourced from LittleImpressionsGifts

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