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Own the Web


Peter Leigh

Hello there. I’m Peter Leigh; Founder of Own the Web.

I’m passionate about helping startups, good causes, & small businesses by developing clarity through web presence, marketing & search optimisation; it’s all about getting to the core of your message & delivering it in a way which creates impact. Own the Web is very much a reflection of my own ethos & it’s the reason why this about page is about me, rather than spouting general company speel.

I love web design, online media, search marketing & viral marketing. I also enjoy practising mindfulness; having an awareness of the now – to react & grab opportunities intuitively – can be almost essential to seizing the online social landscape we live in. It can also be an incredible driver of new ideas and direction. Find out more at the Mindful Entrepreneur blog on this site.

Other facts about me include; I’m a vegan (which I blog about on Laptop Vegan), an individualist and a mindful free thinker. I also enjoy picking up my guitar from time to time (sometimes I even attempt to play it).

In my “free time” I concern myself with a geeky love of the 80s & 90s. I channel this through Youtube & write under the alias Nostalgia Nerd.

Connect with me

on twitter @PeterAlexLeigh, Instagram, Google+ or Pinterest
or drop me a line at peter.leigh @
You can contact me directly here, or take a look at my products & services.


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